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About Me

My name is Brenda, and I’m incredibly passionate about skin!

I’m a mom, beauty academy owner and the founder of Skin + Beauty Lab.


With over seven years of experience as a licensed Aesthetician, I exhibit expertise in the field and have gained extensive knowledge to provide my clients with remarkable skincare services.


I carry a well versed selection of professional medical grade skincare alongside natural and plant based products. This variation allows me to curate a tailored treatment suited for your skin.


The services I provide are based on information I obtain through a skin consultation and through conversation regarding your skin history, concerns and what you are looking to achieve.


Not only is my goal to have you leave my studio feeling glowy and confident with your skin, but to make the experience special altogether. I value time with my clients and always enjoy making a connection with them. 

Outside of the treatment room, I endeavour to continue developing my skills through specialized courses. This allows me to stay current with new trends, methods and products to then deliver to my clients. 


The confidence that comes along with a clear, luminous complexion is unmatched.

My goal is to give each and everyone of my clients this feeling and I hope to give it to you!

Let’s Begin Your Skin Journey

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